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1 Year 8 Months

Lolly is a medium sized, very friendly and lively girl who is around 20 months old. She likes a cuddle and to play with her toys. She enjoys as many walks a day as she can get and she is engaged and friendly with people and dogs she meets on the walks. She lived happily with her brother Nigel who has been adopted.

She has met one of our volunteer’s 11-year old child and was comfortable around her. She does suffer from separation anxiety and would benefit from living with someone who stays with her most of the time, and would need training to be left on her own. Lolly would make a fantastic companion for people who have an active lifestyle.

20th November
Lolly here 😊I got a lovely walk into the local village. On the way, there were cars and even a big lorry but I was a good girl and just waited until they went past. There was also a huge dog barking at us from a garden but my human friend taking me kept me safe and I walked past quickly and quietly. When we reached the village we went into the local pet shop. There was a cat outside and another inside! I just ignored them as they didn’t really want to be my friends. There were lots of toys and treats in there, what a fab shop - hope I get to go back once I get a forever home and pick out a toy for me - my favourites are the squeaky ones 😜 On the way back I was a good girl again and ignored the dog who was barking at me 😇 I’d really like my forever home soon so I can get to go out lots and lots and have my own toys to play with……

06th December
Since my last entry I’m now in a foster home! I’ve settled in very quickly and I love my foster dad the most 💖 My foster mum works from home so I kept her company and was very good with toys and a kong to keep me busy. I’m exploring the local area and love tramping through the leaves and having a good sniff…more soon.

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Lolly is a lot of fun to be around. Full of energy, athletic and playful but really easy to walk on lead. She’s also extremely affectionate towards people she trusts (which doesn’t take much) and is just as likely to seek out cuddles as she is to get a game going. Lolly has a mischievous streak and can be a bit bossy with other dogs but she’s a clever girl and is learning all the time, especially when exploring the world outside kennels



Kennel Volunteer

At Grayshott
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