Before you complete our application form, and to avoid disappointment, please note: 

  1. We are unable to accept applications for homes that do not have a fully secure garden with fencing of a minimum height of 6 foot. 

  2. We home within a 40 mile radius of our location, so if you live outside of this radius, we are regrettably unable to home a dog with you

Romanian dogs, especially those that have lived on the streets for some time are great escapists and until they are settled in their new home and have bonded with the family, they will find a way over a fence, under a wall or shoot out of your front door when you open it. Should a dog go missing our team need to be close enough to assist with recovery.

If you do not meet our minimum security requirement, or are not a serious adopter, please do not apply as we are a volunteer-run organisation, and it impacts on our resources.


Thank you for your understanding.