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So you think you would like to adopt one of our rescue dogs?  

Our dogs have been through an enormous amount in their lives so its very important to us that their next home is their forever home.   


Please make sure that you have seriously considered the following before you apply to adopt;

  • Our dogs have usually had a tough time up until now, including potentially living on the streets. 

  • Some are not used to living in a house so are likely to take quite a while to adjust to living in a home with you.

  • Certain situations or things may scare them, due to things they have experienced in life and you will need to help them at these times.

  • You may need to obtain extra help from a behaviourist or positive reward trainer.

  • You will need to have a fully secure garden 

  • We will require you to visit the rescue and meet the dog so we can  be certain your are the right match for each other, before the adoption will be approved. We may advise you that the dog you have chosen is not right for you or vice versa.

  • We will be keeping in touch with you after the adoption to ensure that all is going well.

Do you have:
  • Enough time for a dog in your life?

  • The commitment that a dog needs?

  • Sufficient finances for food, insurance, vets bills, grooming, holiday care fees, training?

Have you considered what you will do:
  • During holidays?

  • Nights out?

  • You are ill or need to have an operation?

  • If the dog takes time to settle?

  • You have relationship changes?

Do you still wish to proceed?

If you have considered all the points above and believe that you can commit the time and energy to adopt one of our very special dogs, then please proceed complete adoption application form. 

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