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2-3 years old

Coco is a cockapoo who was found as a stray with another female. Both appear to have come from a backyard breeder and she has not lived in a home or had much exposure to the outside world. She's currently in foster, and needs a kind, patient owner, prepared to guide her and who is used to the high energy of the breed. Her coat was very matted so the short back and sides were essential.

Coco loves nothing more than being snuggled up next to or on you, and really is a very pretty little sweetheart. She is very friendly and has not appeared frightened by anything, just curious, and likes to stop and stare at little children, motorbikes and other things that are new to her. She has been great with any dogs we have met out on our walks and is good walking on the lead. We don’t think she has lived in a home before so any adopter will need to be very understanding and prepared to spend a lot of time helping her with regular toilet trips outside to keep accidents to a minimum.

Coco craves attention, so can be demanding and will jump up at you and will gently nip your clothes if you continue to ignore her. She can also help herself to food from kitchen counters - so she'll need someone who can help her gently un-learn unwanted behaviours.

As her confidence has grown she has started to play with toys and there have been zoomies round the house (normally with a slipper in her mouth)! She would benefit from a home with a resident dog for her to learn from and someone at home much of the time to guide her and to give her the regular exercise she needs.

Coco's new owner will also need to be prepared to take her for regular grooming. With the right love, help, time and understanding she will give you back a ton of love and you will have lots of fun.

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