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18 Months

Jasper needs a very specific home with an understanding owner who is willing to work with him on building his trust. He is currently working with a behaviourist to help the rescue to understand his needs more clearly. He's a sensitive lad who can become fearful in certain situations but responds well to gentle, quiet handling on his terms. Jasper is an energetic fun-loving 18 month old boy of around 29kg who loves long walks and play time with his kennel buddy, Boots. Jasper passed his cat test with flying colours, in fact he was a bit scared of the cat and hid!

Jasper loves nothing more than a good walk followed by settling down next to someone he trusts for a stroke and cuddle. He may take a little time to feel safe with who ever adopts him but they will be rewarded with a best friend for life.

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Jasper likes people, the people he especially loves (not surprisingly) are ones who feed him, take him out for long walks, and generally make a big fuss of him. But, he also feels that everyone he sees out on walks ought to make friends with him as well. Jasper quite likes meeting other dogs, but lacks some social skills when doing so, which is something that needs some time to improve upon. Jasper really enjoys a good rough and tumble with his current kennel mate Boots, and the two get great pleasure from this boisterous play together. Jasper will make a great companion to someone who will take him out for long walks and spend time with him, and nurture his soft side.



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