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Who are Helping Hounds?

Helping Hounds is a rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming shelter on the outskirts of Grayshott. The shelter was set up in the summer of 2020, after owner Kate had already been involved with dog rescue for over a decade.

We're a small shelter that relies on the help and support of dog lovers around the area. The dogs that are rehomed are mainly from Romania but no dog would ever be turned away if it can be helped.

Why dogs from abroad when there are many dogs that need homes in the UK?

Good question. If people want to adopt a dog from the UK there are many amazing shelters here, Battersea, Dogs Trust and RSPCA to name three, all who do amazing work and have brilliant dogs.

The situation out in Romania is somewhat different. There is a serious problem with too many dogs on the streets……breeding and living ‘wild’. After the atrocities of the 1980s where houses were ripped down to be replaced with apartment blocks, families could no longer keep their pet and had no choice but to throw them out on the street. The problem with dogs got worse and a mass culling programme was put in place.

The cull was not humane and sometimes these dogs suffered a long and lingering death. Kill shelters were set up and the dogs just rounded up and left in these places to die, in squalid overcrowded kennels with little or no food.

Then small private shelters started appearing and these shelters took dogs from the ‘Kill Shelters’ and had them in better conditions whilst trying to find homes out of Romania.

We deal with two such shelters and a vet, who offer us dogs to rehome. They are reputable and each dog comes, spayed/neutered, microchipped, fully vaccinated and with a passport. When the dogs arrive they are either put into foster, with our little group of foster homes; or they come into kennels, where they are loved and shown what life really is about.

They stay with us for as long as it takes to get them ready to find their ‘FUREVER’ home. This time is not set, some younger dogs/puppies are ready to go around two weeks after arrival, some take a lot longer, and they will stay with us until they are ready. We pride ourselves on the quality of our re-homing over quantity.

We will, where are able, help any dog! Recently due to the tragic loss of his owner to Covid-19, a beautiful middle-aged dog called Mr Darcey needed an immediate home. We were approached to take him and and said yes straight away. To avoid putting this dear little dog into the kennels, a call went out to our team, and one of the volunteers stepped forward and took him into foster right away. Helping both the family and the dog. One of our volunteers, groomer Julia from Glorious Grooms gave Mr D a much-needed groom and pamper and with our amazing network, we found this special fella a home within 24 hours. His new owner had recently lost her own beloved canine companion, so these two will heal each other’s broken hearts.

We are just a group of volunteers, nobody gets paid, we give our time and love to the dogs, at a time when they need it most. We have to raise funds to feed the dogs and look after them.

How can you help?

By volunteering, offering foster homes, adopting, raising funds for us, donating food, money, treats, purchasing dog related items form our Amazon Wishlist, or offering your professional services in some way.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us or sign up for our newsletter (link at the bottom of the page)!

And do have a look at our lovely dogs available for adoption!


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