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Show us your pups!

As Valentine’s Day approaches we all know where we’d most like to spend it - at home with our dogs! So in honour of our furry friends and the joy they bring to our lives daily, we want you to submit your favourite picture of your pooch to share the love this Valentines Day, and you could win one of 5 prizes for you & your furry friend to share.

Each photo entry is £3, and 100% of proceeds go to Helping Hounds to help continue the wonderful rescue work that the team does.

Payment can be made via PayPal ( referencing

“Valentines” (selecting “paying friends & family” please).

Photos can be submitted via our Facebook page or direct to our Fundraising Coordinator, Claire via email.

Also let us know which category you’re entering from the list below - there is a prize for each category!

  • Playful Pup

  • Golden Oldie

  • Foxy Lady

  • Handsome Fella

Each category will have 1 winner, who will win a Valentines Day “Dinner Date with my Dog” Goody Bag containing:

  • Lily’s Kitchen dinner for pooch

  • Handmade bow tie,

  • Beverage for Mum/Dad (choice of alcoholic or non alcoholic)

  • Chocolate & bath time smellies.

An extra special prize will go to Best in Show, judged across all entries by our Core Team here at Helping Hounds. The winner will receive a bottle of champagne, and Pooch will get an extra special plush bone shaped toy and Barking Heads dinner & treats.

Winners will be announced on 14th February via Facebook and / or text message.

Dogs Available for Adoption

These adorable pups (yes, we call them all pups... because they finally get a chance to live the carefree life of puppies when they come to us) are available for adoption. If you are interested in giving any of them a loving home, please complete our Adoption Application.

Once we receive your application, we will have a chat with you to tell you more about the dog, and to find out more about you and your household. We'll also tell you what the next steps are.

Dog Walker



4-5 Years Old

Thyme is a tri-coloured puggle (Beagle x Pug) and came to us from stray dog kennels. She's about 4 or 5 years old and may have been used for breeding. She is a sweet, playful girl and is in foster. See more about her for her yoga skills!

Dog Walker



18 Months

Jasper needs a very specific home with an understanding owner who is willing to work with him on building his trust. He is currently working with a behaviourist to help the rescue to understand his needs more clearly. He's a sensitive lad who can become fearful in certain situations but responds well to gentle, quiet handling on his terms. Jasper is an energetic fun-loving 18 month old boy of around 29kg who loves long walks and play time with his kennel buddy, Boots. Jasper passed his cat test with flying colours, in fact he was a bit scared of the cat and hid!

Dog Walker



4-5 Years

Rosemary is a tan Puggle with some white markings, found as a stray. She's about 4 or 5 years old and appears to have been used for breeding. She is a gentle, friendly girl with the loveliest nature. She is currently at our kennels in Grayshott, but would love her own home - permanent or foster.

Dog Walker



6-9 Years old

Lurcher, Rosie was found as a stray. She's somewhere between 6 and 9 years old and has the sweetest nature. The team have absolutely fallen in love with her.

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