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Lulu (Biscuit)

6-12 Months

Lulu is a lively, energetic and affectionate girl. She needs to learn better manners from other dogs, and is in foster with a lovely family in Petersfield with another dog to help her along.

I'm energetic and playful, but not destructive (ignore that loo roll picture). My foster home over Christmas was lovely! I had a pal, Luna and I learnt loads from her about being a pet. There were two cats too and I was really good with them. It was exciting to be in a home - got to watch sheep on the telly, sample Christmas decorations and I learnt that toilet paper is not a chew toy! My foster mum says I learnt really quickly - like not being allowed to go upstairs - and there wasn't even a stair gate!

Her foster family say: Luna is very loving - loves a lap cuddle despite her size! Tentative on walks on the road with passing cars but nothing she won’t get used to, she just tended to stop and watch them pass, then carry on walking. Also quickly learnt to show us when she needed to be let out to use the bathroom. Liked her treats and food but not greedy. No problems with eating in the same room as the resident dog. She as let her off lead briefly twice on walks, she will need proper recall training, but she made no attempt to run, just wanted to play.

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Lulu (Biscuit)


Lulu (Biscuit)
Lulu (Biscuit)
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