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1 - 2 Years

Nas is a super dog, he was rescued by Lotus Stray Rescue, but is cared for by Helping Hounds here in the UK until he finds his forever home. Follow links to Lotus to their adoption application form.

Hi I’m Nas!
I’m around 2 years old and I came to stay with the lovely Helping Hounds kennel residents and their great volunteers in December 2020. I am now in a foster home and I’ve had a lovely time learning about home life and now I’m ready for my own forever home. I’d prefer another dog because I enjoy their company and I'd like my new owner to help me boost my confidence.

Foster mum, Lisa says:
"Nas is a little cheeky chappie that is so adorable and I can tell you that he will steal your heart! He absolutely loves playing with his toys, running and also having playtime with "hoomans" as he finds this bonding time special.
He loves Learning new tricks (which is actually training) and is such a fun time for Nas.
He loves lots of cuddles.... I mean LOTS!

He will also make sure you don't spend too much time on social media! He will put his paw on your legs constantly to get your attention at first and if you still don't pay attention, he will nudge your phone out your hand with his nose.
He will sit next to you, and is also a great foot warmer! All he asks for in return is lots of affection.
Nas has finally discovered what love is and he just wants to enjoy it and share it with you. He even likes the postman!!! He goes to say hello to him and get cuddles! How many dogs do that!
Consider Nas and you will have a friend for life."

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