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2-3 years old

Willow is a cockapoo who was found as a stray with another female. Both appear to have come from a backyard breeder and she has not lived in a home or had much exposure to the outside world. She's currently in foster, and needs a kind, patient owner, prepared to guide her and who is used to the high energy of the breed. Her coat was very matted so the short back and sides were essential.

Willow has the waggiest tail. She was so happy to be warm and safe, that she couldn't stop her tail wagging. She was such a good girl during her groom and is absolutely lovely with all the other dogs and all the people she's met. She's in a foster home with several other dogs, and with young children. She's very playful and has a lot of energy and will need a patient owner to help her with housetraining, as she's never lived in a home before. She's obviously been kept in a small space and not been out much as she tends to show her anxiety by pacing in circles, so will need help overcoming that, and will of course also need regular grooming.

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