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A plea from your rescue dog

I want love but I don’t know what to do with it

Have patience with me, don’t ‘over love’ me. I know you mean well and I know I will enjoy being ‘loved’ but please take it slowly.

I don’t know what you expect from me, I have to learn

I want to please you but I need help. If I hide away, i’s ok, I’m just telling you I need a bit of quiet time.

You’ve bought me toys. What do I do with them?

Show me, teach me that it's okay to be playful.

My new bed is scary. I only know the floor.

Don’t be offended if I don’t sleep in it straight away, I will, eventually.

Don’t let me do things now, that you won't want me doing later.

I don't know any different. I might be an adult dog, but I have less training than a new puppy, so teach me as a you would them.

You've given me a name.

I've never had a name before. It's new. I don't know what it is, or how to respond to it. Teach me by using it often when you're talking to me in a kind voice so I know it's mine.

I've never had a family. You may never have rescued a dog. Let's learn together, slowly. Inch by inch. Step by step, and we will grow together. When I’ve learned to love you, I know I will love you forever, as without you, I wouldn’t know what love is and what it feels like. THANK YOU for choosing me to be part of your family

Every rescue dog, wherever it comes from, is an individual but they all need to be taught slowly and in the same way.

When you make the big decision to adopt a dog, you go through all of the checks and you meet your new friend. The day arrives when you take them home and you want more than anything to feel loved, special, wanted and part of the family. They need toys, a super-duper warm and cosy bed, lots of attention....

STOP! They need you to slow down. They need you to make small steps. It’s ok for your new friend to sleep in the kitchen at night, if that’s what you want him to learn. It's fine for them to only have one or two toys, so you really don’t need to be the local pet shop’s best customer!

All your new rescue dog asks for is to feel safe, to be warm, to be fed and above all loved on their terms, when they are ready.

Your rescue dog is unlikely to be an instant best friend, they may be scared and not ready to trust immediately.

Your new dog is unlikely to be house trained, excellent on lead and have superb recall. Your new dog may not be exactly what you want. Not yet! They need time, patience and understanding, and with the right amount of effort and training, they will become everything you ever wanted them to be.

If you're ready to offer your heart and your home to a rescue dog, have a look at these gorgeous dogs that are just waiting for their chance at a better life!

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