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All's Well that Ends Well - Blake's Story

For anyone that wonders why it is that we do what we do, and rescue dogs from Romania, read Blake's story as told by our co-founder, Kate.

Blake arrived at our kennels via Teardrops on Valentine's Day 2021, his story is both sad and latterly, heart-warming. Blake was found in Romania by a lady after he had been hanged with barbed wire. It took a long, long time for her to be able to take him to a reputable vet in Bucharest where his injuries were attended. Sadly his neck was so badly damaged that he no longer has a working trachea so he can only 'air bark'. Unfortunately once he was returned to the village where he was found he was then beaten severely and his tail was broken. He was also tarred or glued around the neck and feathers then stuck on his neck - again the same lady helped him.

We heard about Blake and offered him a rescue place with us; and he arrived in February 2021. He was untouchable, quiet, a severe abuse case, contained. An escape artist of the highest degree; aloof. We left Blake to decompress for a few weeks and he rather liked another dog in our care, so they started sharing a kennel together - their choice.

Gradually, small steps were achieved regarding us (the humans) and Blake. After some time he allowed a small bit of touch - nothing over powering, maybe a quick gentle pat or stroke.

Day by day and very carefully we did our best to demolish the wall of utter despair Blake had built up around him for his own protection. Month after month we made amazing progress with Blake - he would take treats, enjoy a stoke, sit with us (especially if it was sunny) however Blake would not entertain having either a collar or harness near him; I'm sure you can imagine why.

We then had a breakthrough - we found the Swiss engineered Belka Magnetic harness from Orvis. Literally our first 'attempt' and it was on - and Blake was OUT! I think I'll remember that day for as long as I live. The joy of seeing Blake outside in the field with all the other dogs was absolutely wonderful. That was about 2 months ago. Since then his journey has taken almost disproportional steps; he's out walking every day, his confidence has grown, he is relaxed around everyone, he's absolutely great with all the other dogs - and he's living a great life as a foster dog in my home with my other three dogs (two males and one female). He is a complete show off who loves the sofa! His journey from Street to Sofa was long, sad and complicated however I, and the whole team, are privileged to have been part of it.

Not once in all the months we've known him has he shown a flicker of aggression towards us, which is quite remarkable considering his past.

Blake is the most wonderful dog, and is in the process of getting to know the incredible family who have fallen in love with him, and are going to be adopting him!

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